We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in matches and training. This club has its own support programme to ensure football can be enjoyed in a safe, positive and above all professional environment.

Remember, children’s football is a time for them to develop their technical, physical, tactical and social skills, and for that, coaches require full control. Please play your part and acknowledge our Code of Conduct for parents.


• Parents must not coach from the pitch side during matches and training. Let the coach do their job and do not confuse the players by telling them what to do.

• Parents should not criticise their child on any part of the player’s game. Leave this to the coach since it may cause a lot of confusion.

• Do not criticise your child’s coach to your child or other parents. If you are not happy with the coach you should raise the issue with the coach after the match/training.

• Help the young players to focus on the performance and not the result.

• Winning is not as important as the performance.

• Support all the players in your child’s squad. Do not criticise any player.

• Do not criticise the opponents, their parents, coaches or the referee.

• Always respect the match officials’ decisions

• Never engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting, or abusive language or behaviour

• Encourage the players to respect the opposition, referee and match officials

• Remain outside the field of play and within the Designated Spectators Area

• Respect the facilities at our opponents’ grounds.

• Applaud effort and good play as well as success.

• Encourage your child to speak with the coach. If your child is having difficulties in training or games, or can’t attend training etc. encourage him to speak directly to the coaches. This ,responsibility taking’ is a big part of becoming a mature person. By handling off the field tasks, your child is claiming ownership of all aspects of the game.

• Monitor eating and sleeping habits. Be sure that your child is eating the correct foods. Players should be in bed at a reasonable hour on the night before a game and early enough on other nights to ensure that adequate rest is being taken.

• Develop a responsibility in your son to pack his own kit, clean boots and bring along his water bottle.

• Help your child keep his priorities correct. He needs to maintain focus on schoolwork, relationships and other things in life besides football.

• On transporting your child home, please be supporting but also realistic about his performance.


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